Work/Life Balance

i do not think it means what you think it means

Microsoft's #GetItDone campaign about work/life balance is an interesting reflection of our work culture. It claims "Office workers want technology to help them" .. work sunrise to sunset (emphasis mine). And then goes on to cite how 99% of people work on the can, at their kid's game, while drinking beer or having sex (ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little but go read it yourself).

But just because we all do something (yes I do it too- I don't doubt the stats) doesn't mean we want to do it. That's their error in this campaign. Do we sometimes need to? Absolutely. Sometimes have to? Sure. Really want to? No.

What do we want then? I want is to contribute. To be valued. To make a difference. To share life to the fullest with others.

How do we do that? I think the thing we need, even want, is to be present. I want to be present at work, at home, even present while watching a movie (its fun to be sucked in) like they show. Present in meetings, present on the train, present at bedtime with my kids.

Can technology and Office365 help me contribute? Yes. Help me work hard and smart when I work. I'm sure. But propagating the idea that its good to be 50% present 100% of the time.. well, isn't good.

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