Diff’ing a file against the output of a command

I was recently watching Gary Bernhardt from destroyallsoftware.com (great screencasts, btw) on doing diffs of diffs. I haven’t needed (nor wanted) to do diffs of diffs, but the tip came in handy when recently diffing a local file against command output.

I was working on moving an application from Heroku to Amazon EC2 and I needed to check to make sure my local .env file was the same as the heroku environment configs.

Piece of cake:

diff .env <(heroku config --shell)

Voila. The <() provides the output of the inner subshell through a file descriptor that diff can read like any normal file and do its comparison. See?

# echo <(heroku config --shell)

You could pipe the command to a file then diff the two, but this is succinct and handy. I can also wrap it in a watch command and make changes in another window until the two are aligned.

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